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(QC) Canada

• Eliana Stratica-Mihail (MA candidate, Concordia University)


The 1960s and 70s in Canada, as in many other Western countries, were characterized by the emergence of the Women's Liberation Movement. In Quebec, artists dealt with feminist issues in works such as Mauve's La femme et la ville (1972), and Francine Larivée's La chambre nuptiale (1976). The question my presentation addresses is how these works offer specific local articulations of the broader international feminist movement. I argue that Mauve's and Larivée's particular concern with the issue of commodification in relation to women, and the bride more specifically, is a major local characteristic of Quebec feminst art from the 1970s.

• Sonya Ocampo-Gooding (MA candidate, Concordia University)


The Sheela-na-gig is an enigmatic medieval carving of a female figure with exposed genitalia. Examples are found throughout Ireland and Western Europe. It has been re-imagined and re-invented by some Irish contemporary artists to address modern themes: Barrie Cooke's mixed-media Sheela explored female sexuality in a time of sexual repression in Ireland. Louise Walsh's installations took elements of the Sheela to free the femal body from the male-dominated strictures of Irish society. Eilis O'Connell's sculptures were inspired by Sheela's female form. The talk shows how a controversial medieval image took on new identities to advance progressive ideas in society.

Présidente | Chair : AUDREY LAURIN (3e cycle, UQÀM)


Hypothèses est une série de conférences mensuelles, organisée par et pour les étudiants des cycles supérieurs en histoire de l’art des quatre universités montréalaises. La formule, développée depuis 2011 à l’Université de Montréal, vise à stimuler la relève en histoire de l’art à Montréal, diffuser les recherches émergentes dans la discipline, tout en encourageant les interactions entre le milieu académique et tous les publics. Les rencontres ont lieu un mercredi par mois, de septembre 2014 à avril 2015, à partir de 16h, au Salon du Musée des beaux-arts (pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais, niveau 2). Bienvenue à tous !

Hypotheses is an Art History symposium series, organized by and for students (master’s and doctoral) from Montreal universities. Its goal is to promote and disseminate emerging research in the discipline. The program, first developed at the University of Montreal in 2011, encourages discussion and debate between young researchers across institutional boundaries, acts as a platform for discussion and reflection, and encourages cross-fertilization of ideas between academia, the museum community, and the public at large. Symposia are held monthly on Wednesdays, from September, 2014, to April, 2015, in the Lounge of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, level 2). Welcome to all !

Conférences HYPOTHESES Symposia : Reinventing Female Archetypes
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