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Quantum quivering from dissipation and noise

Conférence de Aashish Clerk (McGill)

The field of quantum optomechanics involves studying the interaction between photons in a cavity or circuit and the motion of a mechanical resonator.  It has seen remarkable progress in the past few years, and holds considerable promise for both fundamental studies of macroscopic quantum phenomena, as well as applications to quantum information processing and ultra-sensitive detection.   In this talk, I'll start by giving a pedagogical introduction to quantum optomechanics.  I'll then discuss recent theory work in my group examining how dissipation and noise can be used in these systems to produce quantum states of a macroscopic mechanical oscillator.  These ideas have very recently been implemented in experiment.  

Cette conférence s'adresse à tous, y compris les professeurs, les chercheurs et les étudinats des trois cycles. Le café est servi à partir de 11h30.

Quantum quivering from dissipation and noise - Aashish Clerk (McGill)
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