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High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: A Novel Tool to Study Structure and Dynamics of Single Unlabeled Membrane Proteins

The advent of high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM(1)) has opened a novel research field for the dynamic analysis of single bio-molecules: Molecular motor dynamics (2,3), membrane protein diffusion (4), assembly (5) and conformational changes (6) could be directly visualized. Further developments for buffer exchange (7) and temperature control (8) during HS-AFM operation provide breakthroughs towards the performance of dynamic structural biochemistry using HS-AFM. I will exemplify the power of HS-AFM for the quantitative analysis of function-related structural dynamics on the membrane deformation complex ESCRT-III (5), a glutamate transporter homologue (6), and ligand-gated ion channels (9,10). Finally, I will introduce high-speed AFM line scanning (HS-AFM-LS) and high-speed AFM height spectroscopy (HS-AFM-HS) that reaches millisecond and microsecond temporal resolution of single molecule dynamics (11). 


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High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy - Simon Scheuring (Weill Cornell Medicine)
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