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Local Strain Measurements in Photonic Devices and Degradation of Battery Materials investigations with Transmission Electron Microscopy
G.A. Botton
Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy
McMaster University

Abstract: Transmission Electron Microscopy is a powerful technique that provides much more than “pretty pictures”. With advanced microscopy techniques, it is possible to retrieve the localized strain distribution in electronic/photonic devices, map the local composition at atomic resolution and extract spectroscopic information on valence state in metals used in energy storage devices.

In this presentation, I will describe recent developments in transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) in particular, with examples related to the development high-bandgap materials for photonic application, multiferroic thin films and energy storage materials. I will highlight how a new method for strain mapping can provide both high sensitivity and very large field of view, while EELS provides exquisite information on the local electronic structure, and mechanisms of degradation of Li ion batteries. Other examples will highlight how TEM and EELS provided valuable information both at the fundamental level and in practical applications.

Finally, I will discuss the prospects for localized phonon spectroscopy measurements, down to the sub-nm scale, with new instrumentation coming to McMaster University.

About the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy:

The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy, located at McMaster University, is one of the CFI-Major Science Initiative National Facilities. The CCEM provides world-class electron microscopy capabilities and expertise to Canadian researchers and industry working in a broad range of fields. A brief introduction about the CCEM, its user base and infrastructure will be given. https://ccem.mcmaster.ca

Bio: Gianluigi Botton received a degree in Engineering Physics and a PhD in Materials Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal. He was Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. He joined the Materials Technology Laboratory of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in 1998 as a research scientist. In 2001 he moved to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster University where he holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Electron Microscopy of Nanoscale Materials. He received the Metal Physics Medal of the Canadian Materials Science Conference (2017), the Lee Hsun Research Award from the Institute Metals Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2017) and he is Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Prof. Botton established, and currently leads, the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy a national facility for ultrahigh-resolution microscopy. Website: https://www.bottonsgroup.com


Cette conférence est présentée par le RQMP Versant Nord du Département de physique de l'Université de Montréal et de Génie physique de la Polytechnique.

Local Strain Measurements in Photonic Devices and Degradation of Battery Materials - G.A. Botton (McMaster)