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With Donald Trump’s election to the presidency,  the American empire’s role in the making of global capitalism has come to be challenged from within rather than, as had been so widely expected, from without. Yet insofar as there is, in fact, a political crisis of global capitalism today it is not because of the US empire’s economic decline. It is because the US firmly remains at the centre of world capitalism that the political contradictions of globalization have taken the stark form they have inside the American state.  This in turn entails new contradictions for every other capitalist state, and not only because of the pressures to accommodate to US demands, and the internal tensions this generates. It is also because of the implications for all states if the American state cannot play the leading facilitating, superintending and crisis-containment roles it heretofore has.  The question that is posed in this context is whether the American state still has the capacity to manage global capitalism'

Biographie du conférencier:
Leo Victor Panitch
est professeur émérite de science politique à l’Université York (Toronto) et détient la Chaire de recherche du Canada en économie politique comparée. Depuis 1985, il édite la revue annuelle le Socialist Register. Il est l’auteur d’une centaine de livres et d’articles. Son plus récent livre, coécrit avec Sam Gindin, s’intitule The Making of Global Capitalism : the political economy of american empire.

Trumping the US Empire