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Conférence donnée dans le cadre du cycle Pleins feux sur l'Asie du Sud-Est

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Gender, Peace and Security in Southeast Asia: Rethinking from the Margins of a Crisis-prone region

This presentation examines the gendered implications to Southeast Asia being one of the most 'crisis-prone' region in the world. Building on feminist perspectives, it will identify three main themes for rethinking peace and security from the experiences of women 'in the margins'. The presentation makes a strong case for how and why the study of gender, peace and security in Southeast Asia can actually offer new and potential pathways for understanding and transforming global politics.

Dre Maria Tanyag is a research fellow at the Monash University Centre for Gender, Peace and Security in Australia. Her research is motivated by a need to understand how and why global political economy and security is built on women's experiences of violence and exclusions. She has found answers in a range of issues from the global politics of sexual and reproductive health, hypermasculine leadership and crisis, and gender and climate change. In May 2019, she will take on a new role as lecturer in international relations at the ANU Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.

Gender, Peace and Security in Southeast Asia