Débute à 
5155, chemin de la rampe
Montréal (QC) Canada  H3T 2B2

Titre : Fractal Plasmonics: Optical Properties from the Visible to the mid-IR Spectral Range

Endroit: Salle 1035 Pavillon J.-Armand-Bombardier

Hôte : Prof. Christian Pellerin


Metallic nanostructures that exhibit tunable plasmon resonances on a broad spectral range are of particular interest for a variety of optical processes where the excitation and/or the emission could be enhanced. We explore here the properties of fractal metamaterials that have resonances spanning from the visible to the mid-infrared range that can be exploited for a variety of applications including sensing applications and nonlinear optics. Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced infrared absorption are used to probe a variety of surface and interfacial enhancements. Electron Energy Loss spectroscopy (EELS) is also a key technique to reveal optical modes and how they hybridize along the different fractal generations. In this seminar, we present several metastructures based on fractal geometries that exhibit multiple localized surface plasmon resonances across the Visible to the mid-infrared spectral regions. [1-4]

Recently published work from our group in the field:


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Conférence de chimie avec le Professeur François Lagugné-Labarthet, Western University,  London