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When interactions are strong between spins on a lattice, complex many-body collective effects can occur.  With low spin values like S=1/2, quantum mechanical effects can play a both a qualitative and quantitative role in determining these collective behaviors.  Entanglement and strong quantum fluctuations can completely change the nature of the magnetic material, making such states interesting platforms for studying quantum many-body effects, both in and out of equilibrium.  Understanding this is essential for building the next 'quantum' technologies.  Therefore, quantum phases of matter are highly sought after in real materials.  I will give a broad view of the subject of quantum magnetism, including Quantum Dimer Magnets and Quantum Spin Liquids.

Bio:  Kate is an Experimental Condensed Matter Physicist who joined the Department of Physics at Colorado State University in 2015.  Her research focus is on synthesis and characterization of quantum magnetic materials.  She earned her PhD from McMaster University in 2012 and was a postdoctoral fellow at NIST/Johns Hopkins University, as well as in the Chemistry Department at Colorado State University before taking up her current position.  In her spare time she loves hanging out with her 2 year old son, and is currently studying machine learning.

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Quantum Magnetism  - Kate Ross (Colorado)