Montréal (Québec) Canada

Abstract: The success of non-thermal plasmas in a broad range of applications lies in their high reactivity at non-equilibrium conditions [1]. New so-called cold atmospheric pressure plasma sources operated with air or noble gases allow plasma treatment at ambient conditions. Plasmas can thus induce novel chemistry into sensitive environments such as nano-scaled structures and biological organisms. In many of these environments, liquid interfaces play a major role, mediating the plasma interaction effect [2]. The relevant processes occur within a multi-phase plasma-liquid system.

Applications in biomedicine, nanotechnology and material processing, as well as environmental science range from wound healing, to assisting cancer therapy, to surfactant free nano-particle synthesis, to water purification. In particular, the clinical results of therapeutic application of plasmas have increased worldwide research in plasma medicine [3]: It has been found that plasma will produce reactive oxygen and nitrogen species which play a vital role in cell communication. These essential plasma-generated species form a reaction system with complex pathways. The talk will present research in biomedically relevant plasmas, their interaction with liquids, and novel diagnostics for analyzing their complex turbulent reactive systems.


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Diagnostics and applications of non-thermal plasmas at atmospheric pressure - Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique)