(QC) Canada

Structure-properties relationships to advance tomorrow’s functional materials
Audrey Laventure
Département de chimie
Université de Montréal

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Abstract: Establishing structure-properties relationships is critical to take advantage of the full potential of functional organic materials in innovative technologies. A systematic understanding of these relationships allows deepening our understanding of the molecular principles governing the materials’ properties, leading to a more rational design of their functionalities. This presentation will cover strategies that have been developed to establish and exploit such structure-properties relationships to guide the design of amorphous and π-conjugated organic materials used in photovoltaic applications. First, strategies to establish the role of different functional groups and intermolecular interactions on the capability of a compound to vitrify, followed by the possibilities of using this resulting vitrified state to optimize the preparation of photoactive materials will be addressed. Second, how these strategies oriented the investigation and preparation of organic photovoltaic devices for emerging applications, more specifically for integration in a photobioreactor and in the context of low-intensity illumination, will be discussed. Finally, future directions leveraging these contributions will be presented, with the aim to develop a physicochemical understanding of structure-processing-properties relationships in 3D printed advanced functional materials.

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Structure-properties relationships to advance tomorrow’s functional materials - Audrey Laventure (UdeM)