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The list of physics anomalies that are incompatible with the Standard Model is growing, including recent measurements of the muon g-2 & of lepton flavor universality violation.  These anomalies have brought an increased interest in Electroweak Supersymmetry as a natural solution.  New results from the ATLAS Collaboration are presented targeting rare decays of possible superpartners that violate the total baryon-lepton (B-L) number symmetry through couplings related to the neutrino sector, opening up new channels of discovery while avoiding the common simplifications of Supersymmetry models. 

Short Bio

Jeff Dandoy is a physicist at the University of Pennsylvania working on the ATLAS experiment.  He specializes in searches for new phenomena, jet reconstruction and calibration, pileup modeling, and tracking detector design, testing, and data acquisition.  He currently resides in the Laurentides.

Hunting for lepton number violation at ATLAS: Connecting Electroweak Supersymmetry and the neutrino sector(...) - Jeff Dandoy (U. de Pennsylvanie)