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Conférence de prestige STEPHEN-HANESSIAN

Titre : Synthesis of Cyclic Bioactive Peptides, Their Analogs and Unusual Amino Acid Building Blocks


Increasing numbers of peptides and their modified analogs have recently been approved as drugs.[1] A prominent recent example includes the orally active Pfizer drug Paxlovid™ (a combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir) used to treat COVID19.2 Consequently, there is interest in new stereospecific syntheses of modified amino acid derivatives as well as of cyclic peptides, which are often more metabolically stable than their linear counterparts. In this regard, substitution of sulfur by methylene (CH2) in peptide disulfides and in peptide monosulfides (e.g. lantibiotics) can also afford better stability while maintaining activity. One approach to make such compounds involves solid supported peptide synthesis using low loadings of resin to achieve appropriate dilution and incorporation of selectively protected diamino diacids.3 Recent advances in synthesis of natural cyclic bioactive peptides and their analogs with methylene substitutions will be described. One example includes neopetrosiamide, a potential antimetastatic agent, and its carba analogs.4

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Conférence avec le professeur John Vederas de University of Alberta