1375 avenue Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux (Aile A)
(QC) Canada

The human brain is perhaps the most complex piece of matter in the known universe.  Composed of an intricate network of relatively simple electrochemical I/O devices, neurons, whose combined emergent behavior underlie our capacity for adaptive perception and action, it is of natural interest for physicists.  I will provide an overview for how biophysical principles have been applied to develop data-driven simulations of the region of the brain known as the neocortex.  When combined with complementary functional models made possible by modern AI approaches, I will show how they enable the mathematical study of the neocortical mechanisms of learning and perception.

Zoom : https://umontreal.zoom.us/j/88066173443?pwd=ajIvdzA0a09FSGlFc3NuRUdFNVhNdz09

From biophysics of neurons to neocortical learning and perception - Eilif Muller (UdeM)